Skoda Octavia II – Dragon tuning


Very elegant Skoda Octavia II course with a 2.0 TDi, that if a sign is true. More >

Funny Lada Samara

One of the best pieces going through tuning undoubtedly find many Lada car, consider themselves here. This fun Lada Samara certainly one of the interesting bits.
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Velvet Porsche Panamera

Regulatory options for the Porsche Panamera is different from the countless tuning companies, but what about just change the color, or more precisely the surface of the body …
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Toyota Celica or BMW

Quite interesting old Toyota Celica, in which inter alia the front grill attaching two kidneys in the style of BMW …
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Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 by Brabus

Brabus Tuning modifier rebuilt their adjustment to the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. After the appearance, there were no changes, not even to wonder CLA is in itself a very beautiful car. Therefore, there was only a change in exhaust tailpipes and a choice of either a 18 “or 19″ alloy wheels u, which is now a choice of five different designs. Version CLA 250 is equipped performanc PowerXtra package that boosts output by 25 kW (34 hp) to 180 kW (245 hp) and 35 Nm to 385 Nm. More >

Funny Renault Safrane

On the whole, interesting tuning Renault Safrane, from the rear of the Corvette and the front door open style lamba in all good now, but the front part of it is the beginning of tuning which is a shame. But despite the corrupt advance is a quite interesting piece of the car.
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Video crashes supercars

In the video you will see a full ten minutes of traffic accidents supercars.
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Porsche Cayenne by Prior Design

German tuning modifier Prior Design has prepared a new aerodynamic package for the Porsche Cayenne second generation. Packet called PD600 Widebody Aerodynamic Kit includes a redesigned front bumper, which are LED lights along with a different grille, modified fenders, rear bumper with diffuser, roof spoiler and a few other little things. Price packet is € 8,900. More >

Auto as designed by Homer Simpson

I recently had the pick-up from the movie The Flintstones and today again to change a car as designed by Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, of course, life-size and fully functional. In one episode of The Simpsons, Homer found his half-brother, who drove the car company in Detroit called Powell Motors. Homer used all their brilliant ideas for a new car and came to Powell Motors, where he designed a new car, according to his brilliant ideas. Automobile after the official presentation briefly led the automaker to the crash. More >

Tuning monster

We are again tuning such a level that it does not even know what kind of car it is. Estimates, it may be an old Camaro, but also something completely different … More >