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Opel Omega with huge wheels (video)

On the video you can see what will happen Opel Omega, which has been written off when it takes bunch of smart guys and create a fun fooling around at Omega … :-) More >

Carlsson Race Edition Smart

If you are looking for a small city car that can also make a good swift ride? So maybe this is ideal for smart neck. Name Race car is Carlsson Smart Edition, as the name as it is due to a modification of the famous designer of Carlsson. Carlsson made ​​a full bodykit including 17 “alloy wheels, then swapped seats and added LED daytime running lights and many other changes. It is not, but only the appearance, but was modified and povozek, which was lowered by 30 mm, was mounted further new exhaust pipes with four tailpipes. Under the hood was reprogrammed control unit and a new car reaches 82 kW (112 hp) and torque to 158 Nm. Adjusted Smart can handle sprint from 0 to 100 km / h for 9.9 seconds and top speed is limited to 155 km / h More >

Ford Aspire: Funny tuning

Ford Aspire in the United States known as the cheapest car at all. But to attract attention when you have absolutely popular car, but left before tuning.
More >

Peugeot 206 CC: Elegance Above all

Elegant convertible with a folding solid roof Peugeot 206 CC, which has been produced since 2001, was at one time very popular and elegant. But someone seemed nice enough so he wanted to “improve” no result and you can see in the photos. More >

Opel Corsa with the front of the Astra G

The Netherlands is currently for sale (here) interestingly modified Opel Corsa 1990 for 9750 Euro. The biggest modification is completely redesigned front section, where you can see that the front was defakto sandwiched front section of the Opel Astra G. More >

Tuning funny giant wheels No.3


Today we have a video where the best bits modified cars with giant wheels … More >

Cheap car repairs

I’m sure many of you know it, something goes wrong or the car breaks down and there is no money to fix? So hold sometimes have no other home which temporarily fix the thing. As it may turn out you can see below … More >