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Mercedes-Benz G-Class with the front of the E-Class

Last week I have had a fantastic Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6 × 6 and today we have another G. Only there is not a professional tuning, such as the designer of ASMA, when you’re editing the G-Class’s not for everyone all the time is a model of elegance much more bearable than the tuning of the U.S. … More >

Lada Kalina funny tuning

Lada Kalina is not exceptionally interesting and vehicle for which people would roll, but this is not the case for the tensioned Kalina is sure to turn heads almost everyone. More >

HUMMER H2, who wants to play at Bentley

A week ago we had a hybrid HUMMER H2 and Rolls Royce Phantom we have today like crap, but this time not so crazy. These are just a HUMMER H2, which was sandwiched in the front mask bit in the style of car brand Bentley and everywhere sandwiched brand Bentley.
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Funny tuning BMW…

Originally they were all nice, but it is always the possibility as corrupt … More >

Germans in World Design customized Ford Mustang GT

Němci z Design World upravili Ford Mustang GT 1- nahled

Ford Mustang GT came from the German company’s new World Design orange coat and also increase the number of horses under the hood. More >

Project Kahn Land Rover Discovery is a Black Edition

Project Kahn představuje Land Rover Discovery Black Edition 1

Project Kahn showed his further treatment, this time improvements were subjected Land Rover Discovery, which became known as the Land Rover Discovery Black Edition. More >

Replica: Opel Calibra as the Aston Martin

Today we have the Germans disguised in Britain, or Opel Calibra bodied Aston Martin made ​​in the popular vacation paradise of both nations – Thailand. An interesting combination, do not you think? More >

Ford Capri covered with the toy cars

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Smart or Rolls-Royce

One British watchmaker uses its Smart pojížďky working on that with clock accuracy napasoval front grille of a Rolls-Royce. Although the result is amusing, but on the other side of the car gives great attention, and thanks to advertising has almost nothing. More >