Land Rover

Project Kahn Land Rover Discovery is a Black Edition

Project Kahn představuje Land Rover Discovery Black Edition 1

Project Kahn showed his further treatment, this time improvements were subjected Land Rover Discovery, which became known as the Land Rover Discovery Black Edition. More >

Two modified Land Rover Defender from Vilneru

Dva Land Rovery Defendery modifikovány od Vilneru 1

Bulgarian modify Vilner created a black Land Rover Defender, which he ordered an anonymous wealthy businessman from Russia in two pieces. Cars him to serve as helpers in hunting. More >

Land Rover Series I and II for kids

A small British firm offering Real Life Toys for children to play and a new Land Rover Series I and II. Modýlek small electric motor powered by a 180W output, powered from a 12V battery. The model is surprisingly good in my opinion, the processing details.
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