HUMMER H2, who wants to play at Bentley

A week ago we had a hybrid HUMMER H2 and Rolls Royce Phantom we have today like crap, but this time not so crazy. These are just a HUMMER H2, which was sandwiched in the front mask bit in the style of car brand Bentley and everywhere sandwiched brand Bentley.
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Good replica based on Bentley Chrysler Sebring

Bentley is almost a synonym for luxury, but not always have to be really luxurious and expensive. So today, bringing such an alternative: a replica of the hilarious Bentley Continental GT by Chrysler Sebering Cabrio from 1996. More >

Bentley Continental GT by Imperium

Bentley Continental GT od Imperium 1

Since Bentley cars are not the cheapest, so many of their clients’ requests to adjust the car during a personal approach. More >

Bentley Arnage replica

Leather interior with wood accessories, 24-inch wheels and a V8 engine. Bently is rebuilt from the Lincoln Town Car 1994. More >

Bentley S1, 1956, converted into a Pick-Up

Recently I have had a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow remastered to Pick-Up. Today we need to change the show as well as a competitor is something stašího Bentley S1 1956.
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Bentley Continental Army

For the lover of a wealthy army style.
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Barbie Car: Bentley Continental with Paris Hilton

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