Toyota Celica or BMW

Quite interesting old Toyota Celica, in which inter alia the front grill attaching two kidneys in the style of BMW …
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Auto as designed by Homer Simpson

I recently had the pick-up from the movie The Flintstones and today again to change a car as designed by Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, of course, life-size and fully functional. In one episode of The Simpsons, Homer found his half-brother, who drove the car company in Detroit called Powell Motors. Homer used all their brilliant ideas for a new car and came to Powell Motors, where he designed a new car, according to his brilliant ideas. Automobile after the official presentation briefly led the automaker to the crash. More >

BMW 650i Gran Coupe and models

Official photos shot by Uwe Düttmann BMW style “burlesque style” in, in which you see nastřídačku two beautiful models and BMW 650i Gran Coupe. Photos will be publicly presented at the Paris Photo exhibition in Los Angeles.
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Funny BMW M3 (E36)

Recently we had an extremely varied BMW 3 Coupe (E36) and today we have quite crazy BMW M3 (E36).
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Extremely colorful BMW 3 Coupe (E36)

I personally serial appearance of the BMW 3 Series Coupé (E36) very delightful, and frankly I would not change anything on it, but the owner of this coupe has a contrary view to its E36 “improved” according to your taste.
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BMW X5: tuning fun

The first SUV from the BMW X5 (first generation), produced from 1999 to 2007 is very popular, unfortunately even tuners to hit one X5 shown below: (

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Funny tuning BMW…

Originally they were all nice, but it is always the possibility as corrupt … More >

APP Europe represents a BMW 1 M power 410 hp

APP Europe představuje BMW 1 M s výkonem 410 koní 1

Recently, a popular object editing becomes a BMW 1 M Coupe and are not far behind Europe APP tuner from Germany, who presented his version of the car. Car has undergone significant changes in both the hood and beyond. More >

BMW 3er off-road

Over the past week I’ve had two car neteréní remastered on off-road (Opel GT, Citroen DS), and finally all the good we have a BMW 3er (E30) built on the chassis of an off-roader, but unfortunately we do not know what. More >

BMW Z4 by JM Cardesign

BMW Z4 dostalo nový styl od JM Cardesign 1 - nahled

In the workshops JM Cardesign modified BMW Z4, which has undergone significant changes especially in appearance. More >