Romanian BMW 3

The fact that this somehow does not fit the BMW 3er, it’s not even need to write, so just give you a little riddle: you know what car is hidden under the front of the changed …

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AC Schnitzer by BMW 1 M Coupe

AC Schnitzer a různá vylepšení pro BMW 1 M Coupe 1

Many tuning companies have recently introduced various improvements for small AC Schnitzer BMW and not far behind and publish their improvements for this car. More >

TVW Car Design of the BMW 1 maximálkou with over 300 km / h

German tuning specialist TVW Car Design have won a BMW 1 M Coupe and the result of their efforts is a car with incredible parameters. More >

Hamann introduced Tycoon Evo M

Hamann představil Tycoon Evo M 1

Germans from Hamann tuning company introduced a novelty Tycoon Evo M, which serves as the basis of the BMW X6 M Model 2010. More >

BMW 1M Raze P450 by RevoZport

BMW 1M Raze P450 od RevoZport 1

The British showed their RevoZport 1M Raze P450 packet, which can mount to your car owners a BMW M Coupe. On this tuning enhancements cooperated with CP Engineering and cooperation is more than successful. More >

The official video new BMW M5 (F10)

The automaker BMW today officially released to the world nearly nine-minute video spot on the BMW M5 (F10). The new generation BMW M5 V8 propels the volume of 4395 cm3 with maximum power 412 kW (560 hp) / 6000-7000 min-1.
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Replica: Mazda MX-5 face BMW Z3


People are resorting to replicas of the simple reason that the originals are either too rare or expensive, so for ordinary mortals become unrivaled cars, but they are not just about this replica, where reconstruction was more expensive than buying time used Z3. Old Mazda MX-5 face lent a Z3. At first glance it may seem that you are indeed the owner of the Z3, but it really only a cursory pass a stationary observer. More >

Lumma Design BMW X6 xDrive40d

At first glance it know that an adapter has changed the front and rear bumper, side skirts, spoilers and many other things including the lavish use of carbon fiber parts, but more interesting is the interior finish … More >

Replica Rolls-Royce Phantom based on the BMW 750 (E32)

We have again the failed replica of the Rolls-Royce Phantom built at the BMW 750i (E32) from 1990.
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2012 BMW M3 CRT Sedan

2012 BMW M3 CRT Sedan

The new version of the M3 supervýkoná go into the streets in 2012 with the designation of the M3 CRT. Unlike the M3, this GTS model four-door and the passengers during the journey will be able to enjoy the loud music from a quality apparatus.
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