Ferrari California by Project Kahn

Project Kahn zveřejnil úpravy pro Ferrari California 1 - nahled

Afzal Kahn and his team this time started to edit the Ferrari sports car California. The result is the creation of four sports car, which was named Kahn Monza edition. More >

Replica Ferrari 380 to the Pontiac Firebird

Replicas based on the Pontiac is a lot. It would therefore seem that the Pontiac Customizer you really like. So the question is: Are they keeping and adjustments? More >

Limousine Ferrari from Japan

Remember the recent replica of the Toyota IQ Yes, the Chinese are happy to inspire, but the Japanese are going even further. Breaks because prejudices. Taking supercar and make it a limo. And it may come in handy, huh? More >

Pontiac Fiero converted Ferrari Testarossa

If you have an indomitable desire to Ferraris, it may happen that you be a bit uncritical. Just miss some “details” and buy something as strange as this. More >

Replica Ferrari Testarossa on Corvettes C4

At the beginning of this adjustment was a C4 Corvette, which the owner bought in the year 1989th At that time you could really get a wide plethora of cars, but such an original Ferrari Testarossa was released on $ 180,000 and it is quite understandable why it ultimately chose the much cheaper Corvette. More >

Pontiac Fiero as Ferrari F40 – replica reserve

Speed, strength and charm. This is the Ferrari. And if you do not want to spend for it, buy a replica. Then today I would not recommend but maybe not .. More >

Ferrari F430 Replica based on Toyota Celica

If you want a Ferrari, you have basically two options. Be bold in the original amount you take, or try one replica. For example, this is based on the Toyota Celica and neighborhood may not recognize what really drive. More >

Replica Ferrari F430 or Toyota Corolla

The combination of Italian beauty and Japanese reliability? The Indians are possible. Therefore, this created an interesting replica of the Ferrari F430 with a body and chassis of Toyota Corroly.

Replica: Lancia Stratos with a Ferrari engine


Lancia Stratos is a car that grabs the heart of perhaps the man for whom the car mean nothing. Great design from the early 70 years and the spirit of the rally there remains long after the official production. More >

Ferrari Mondial dying in Dubai

The pictures are captured gradually disintegrating Ferrari Mondial 8 standing in the parking lot in Dubai. According to local sources is Ferrari in the parking lot since 2007. This is the Ferrari Mondial 8 produced between 1980 and 1982 with eight-cylinder engines with a capacity of 3 liters, which had had power 214 hp. More >