Toyota Celica or BMW

Quite interesting old Toyota Celica, in which inter alia the front grill attaching two kidneys in the style of BMW …
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Toyota Prius as the hearse

Who wanted to go to the final resting place of a cost-effective and “green” as a choice in the USA on and Toyota Prius. More >

Toyota FT-86 Convertible for patent documents

Toyota GT 86 (Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S) celebrates sales success and is preparing a version with a canvas roof. What will look roofless version can be assessed by officially revealed the concept Toyota FT-86 Open concept, we assume that the production version will not differ much. But the concept we only Toyota pulled the roof, but this week there were photos of patent documents where future Toyota with outstretched roof … More >

Ferrari F430 Replica based on Toyota Celica

If you want a Ferrari, you have basically two options. Be bold in the original amount you take, or try one replica. For example, this is based on the Toyota Celica and neighborhood may not recognize what really drive. More >

Replica Ferrari F430 or Toyota Corolla

The combination of Italian beauty and Japanese reliability? The Indians are possible. Therefore, this created an interesting replica of the Ferrari F430 with a body and chassis of Toyota Corroly.

Toyota IQ from Vilnera

Bulgarian Vilner modified small city car for four people – Toyota IQ. More >

Tuning: Toyota Land Cruiser J4

The main vehicle for this crazy tuning Toyota Land Cruiser J4, which appeared as early as 1964 in Japan was produced in 1985.
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