Ford Capri covered with the toy cars

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Volvo 850 in Lego colors is for sale

A few days ago I have had from the LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper, who began selling and today we have another car from LEGO, but this time it’s not a toy, but a functional car Volvo 850, which until now has been mentioned in the company … More >

Furniture for the right motorist

If you are a big car freak, so looking at the furniture, which will probably excite …
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DJ cars

Why pull the truck loaded with festivals and HiFi speaker system, this would be enough when a single car …
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Pedal Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:1 (the entire process of production)

If you do not have a sufficiently large bank account for the acquisition of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS crush your head, you can buy a small model and ask him to be on the table. If you’re after but a larger model, and preferably in 1:1 scale and mobile so you have two options either to build a replica based on a different car or to build a lightweight body and chassis to make the parts from bicycles. The advantage of the latter are undoubtedly cost and future operating costs, but will limit speed and roll-out according to your physical condition. If you are interested in treading the Porsche so look at its entire production from the beginning … More >

Morbid ad for Hyundai Veloster

For the German market has performed slightly morbid ad for Hyundai Veloster. The advertising shows an exemplary advantage of the only door on the right rear passenger door over traditional on both sides … More >

Pink tuning from Mexico

This time we have a look at the Mexican tuning scene … More >

Volvo 945 turbo, king chrome stickers

This is a very interesting Volvo 945 turbo with intercooler and fuel injection engine compartment completely clean, but unfortunately also a single example, then the rest of the car is typically a fun tuning. In addition to chrome and oodles of stickers is also interesting that Volvo has 14 roof racks … More >

Driving with hand brake

It is surprising how a man lady from the video to go in the Fiat Seicento from the hand brake and nothing strange to notice … More >