Car of Wood Ford Super Deluxe


It is a well-known Ford Super Deluxe, made ​​in Canada and one of the last true “Woodies”. At first glance, one notices a beautiful process as the exterior, and interior and wooden wheels will also not be overlooked. More >

The most expensive coach in the world?


Unusual bus performed by General Motors Faturliner appeared on internet auction website eBay, from which it was expected very much! Coach of 1940 by the famous designer Harley Earl is waiting for his new owner. More >

Three-door Alfa Romeo 159

Used Alfa Romeo 159 is expensive all the time, but it did not prevent your dream fulfilled without money so he built it, and even a two-door.
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Cars and their owners

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Fun auto repair

Many car repairs are very expensive, but some repairs are just necessary. But what to do when you do not have to repair or fix the car would be more expensive than it used car? Left before you go to repair and replace components yourself what style of house you can. For a few similar patches you can see below … More >

Plymouth Hemi Cuda for 3.2 million USD.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda 3

Usually when we hear about a car that has sold millions of dollars, so they automatically equip something like a Ferrari, etc. .. More >

Old futuristic cars

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Funny Tuning Mix No.2

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