Funny Tuning


Skoda Octavia II – Dragon tuning


Very elegant Skoda Octavia II course with a 2.0 TDi, that if a sign is true. More >

Funny Lada Samara

One of the best pieces going through tuning undoubtedly find many Lada car, consider themselves here. This fun Lada Samara certainly one of the interesting bits.
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Toyota Celica or BMW

Quite interesting old Toyota Celica, in which inter alia the front grill attaching two kidneys in the style of BMW …
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Funny Renault Safrane

On the whole, interesting tuning Renault Safrane, from the rear of the Corvette and the front door open style lamba in all good now, but the front part of it is the beginning of tuning which is a shame. But despite the corrupt advance is a quite interesting piece of the car.
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Tuning monster

We are again tuning such a level that it does not even know what kind of car it is. Estimates, it may be an old Camaro, but also something completely different … More >

Crazy Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa is quite a popular car for tuning. This time around, but we have two crazy Corsa, which is worth seeing …
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Daewoo Lanos – king fun tuning

This Daewoo Lanos from Ukraine certainly will be among the candidates for the title of King of tuning. Already from the front indicates that this will become adept at it, but the biggest example of style and elegance can be found in the stern, where it really do not have words …
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Honda Civic – frantic frog

Today, we have an old Honda Civic in garish green and orange in the interior again.
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Funny tuning Pontiac Sunfire

Pontiac Sunfire Coupe in Europe is totally unknown car and look how it can turn out when he starts tuning …
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