Funny Tuning

Mercedes – Benz 300TD as a work of art

Limousines always attract passers-by views of the promise of an exclusive passenger who wants to be seen. And if he wants to be absolutely unmistakable, he should ride in this car. More >

Tuning Daewoo Nexia

Daewoo Nexia is actually an Opel Cadet of the 80s in the 90s where he just got a new car coat and eat at some Eastern markets produced today. However, if enough classic design must argue on a number tuzing, as in this case … More >

Opel Calibra from Ukraine

Opel Calibra is everywhere popular basis for tuning, last time I had there, and Cabrio from Calibri today that although we have no convertibles, but it’s also handsome …
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van funny for Japan

The fact that the Japanese have a totally different taste to the tuning is not even need to mention, but all the time something can surprise you. Today, we have provided the delivery of foolishness … More >

Funny Tuning Mix No.2

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Tuning Suzuki Wagon R

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Tuning Corvett

Today we show you the next Corvette Z06 but this time in a convertible version. More >

Ford Fiesta with 9 exhausts

The beauty of France has everything that should be properly votuzené car, a wing, a pound of glue, stickers and of course several exhausts, but the 9 is somehow a few tips I would add at least another three. More >

Tuning old VW Passat

The old Passat is slowly becoming a rarity and a few years time with him will be veteran, so if no one will want to “improve” as in this case. More >

Romanian BMW 3

The fact that this somehow does not fit the BMW 3er, it’s not even need to write, so just give you a little riddle: you know what car is hidden under the front of the changed …

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