TVW Car Design of the BMW 1 maximálkou with over 300 km / h

German tuning specialist TVW Car Design have won a BMW 1 M Coupe and the result of their efforts is a car with incredible parameters. More >

Opel Astra GTC by Irmscheru

Irmscher has unveiled a new tuning kit for the Opel Astra GTC. More >

Hamann introduced Tycoon Evo M

Hamann představil Tycoon Evo M 1

Germans from Hamann tuning company introduced a novelty Tycoon Evo M, which serves as the basis of the BMW X6 M Model 2010. More >

Carlsson Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition

Carlsson vyšperkoval Mercedes GL Grand Edition 1

Company tuner Carlsson Mercedes GL vytunili Grand Edition and named his creation CGL45. The car they plan to present at the Frankfurt Motor Show. More >

Brabus published work for Mercedes-Benz SLK R172

Brabus zveřejnil úpravy pro Mercedes-Benz SLK R172 1

Brabus unveiled a new sports program, the platform will be the Mercedes-Benz SLK R172. The selection will be everything from a wide variety of parts, wheels, exhausts, or interior improvements. More >

BMW 1M Raze P450 by RevoZport

BMW 1M Raze P450 od RevoZport 1

The British showed their RevoZport 1M Raze P450 packet, which can mount to your car owners a BMW M Coupe. On this tuning enhancements cooperated with CP Engineering and cooperation is more than successful. More >

A. Kahn Design ML350 Bluetech powered by Brabus

Afzal Kahn and his tuner Project Kahn Mercedes ML350 Bluetech presented powered by Brabus. More >

Bentley Continental GT by Imperium

Bentley Continental GT od Imperium 1

Since Bentley cars are not the cheapest, so many of their clients’ requests to adjust the car during a personal approach. More >

Volkswagen Golf from B&B has 362 hp and goes up to 278 km / h

Volkswagen Golf od B&B má 362 koní 1

German tuner properly poladili Volkswagen Golf, which is significantly different from the original appearance, but mostly performance characteristics. More >

LB-R Zero Fighter Lamborghini Murcielago by Liberty Walk Performance

LB-R Zero Fighter Lamborghini Murcielago od Liberty Walk Performance 1

Japanese Liberty Walk Performance erected a very exclusive Lamborghini Murcielago, which called LB-R Zero Fighter in the construction of the Lamb was inspired Zero Fighter aircraft.. More >