A car that is successful in Europe or the USA can be quite certain that at some time (and with some minor editing of course), will be successful in China. The Chinese dragon has never sleeps and it is almost the rule that a successful car like the Chinese and often copied.

You may have heard about the BMW X5 or copied the Fiat Panda. While automakers are so tenaciously defends, but had a glimpse of the Chinese cars will not leave anyone in doubt. Some are just copies. And government policy actually copies of such records.

This time it escaped interesting news – Toyota IQ (in North America, sold as a Scion IQ). This in many ways revolutionary small car appeared on the Norwegian web site Finn.no in the form of Chinese copy of a relatively low price ($ 18,500). From the original, however, differed by one major thing. The car is because the solar-powered.

The manufacturer is Weifang Guangsheng New Energy Co.., A Chinese company dealing with everything related to alternative energy sources and on their site is presented as a technically advanced company with excellent technical background and even collaborates with many universities throughout China. However, what all these engineers came up with a drive of this little “miracle”?

Under the hood is a miniature, a 4kW electric power only 5 hp, which is powered by energy from the batteries. It is obtained from solar panels placed on the roof rover and gives him the range of 120-150 km. Weight of the entire car is about 350 kg.

If you find this ekovozítko excited, so I have to disappoint you. Its sales in Europe are considered. So if you want to ride and visit to China and hope that there will be a sunny day that you got as far as possible.