Volkswagen Kiss of zale Beetle

Zara zale Kissaki eta loreontziak badakizu ondorengo Volkswagen Beetle emozioa tik 1970 izan zen, duela gutxi, eBay on salgai. More >

Volkswagen T1 Camper LEGO

Are you a fan of the legendary VW T1 Camper, 1962, or you just like stem legendary delivery and also do not know what the children for Christmas? We have a solution that pleases no vases, and perhaps even children, the company has prepared a new Lego kit VW T1 Camper justMore >

Tuning old VW Passat

The old Passat is slowly becoming a rarity and a few years time with him will be veteran, so if no one will want to “hobetzeko” as in this case. More >

Camaro of VW Beetle

If you decide to build a replica, you need a particular skill enough and the right vehicle on which the copy state. And with this car is both a bit questionable.

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Devil’s Golf tuning

We have further Tuning VW Golf hellish time in style … More >

VW Mini-Gol

You might think that we started to write as well as toys, but the car, which will this article is far from easy. More >

VW GolfLimo – limousine for the masses

If you are looking for something, what you’ll look great, do not want to squeeze in a small supersport and luxury attracts you, you can try this. VW Golf as a limousine. And neither will have to reach too deep into the pocket.

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Volkswagen Golf from B&B has 362 hp and goes up to 278 km / h

Volkswagen Golf od B&B má 362 koní 1

German tuner properly poladili Volkswagen Golf, which is significantly different from the original appearance, but mostly performance characteristics. More >