Funny Lotus Zazpi

Argazki batean, ez soilik jatorrizko Lotus Zazpi nahiz, seguruenik batzuk erantzun moduko horrek enpresa bat sortzen da,, Txekiar fabrikatzailea Kaipan barne. Baina hori ez da aldatuko nola jabea kudeatzen Lotus Zazpi diseinu dotorea suntsitzeko, dagoeneko, munduko frogatu 57 urte.
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Pyeonghwa Motors: Ipar Korea automaker

Entzuten dugu azken aldian Ipar Korea buruzko bit bat nahiko, baina ez da bere carmaker bakarra duela gutxi amaitu. Txostenak automobilgintza, Ipar Korea, zalantzarik gabe izan dira guztiontzat askoz hobea uneko mezua baino. Imajinatu, Ipar Koreako carmaker bakarra. Pyeonghwa Motors sortu zen 1999 eta azaroan 2012 bere existentzia amaiera iragarri, egokitzea lizentzien bakarra zen, batez ere, Txinako marka distira auto pick-up eta mikrobusak ziren. Fiat Palio muntaketa Gainera ran lizentzia, Fiat Doblo eta are limousines SsangYong Presidentea, nor da jatorriz, Mercedes-Benz W124 … More >

Replica: Opel Calibra as the Aston Martin

Today we have the Germans disguised in Britain, or Opel Calibra bodied Aston Martin made ​​in the popular vacation paradise of both nationsThailand. An interesting combination, do not you think? More >

Pedal Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:1 (the entire process of production)

If you do not have a sufficiently large bank account for the acquisition of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS crush your head, you can buy a small model and ask him to be on the table. If you’re after but a larger model, and preferably in 1:1 scale and mobile so you have two options either to build a replica based on a different car or to build a lightweight body and chassis to make the parts from bicycles. The advantage of the latter are undoubtedly cost and future operating costs, but will limit speed and roll-out according to your physical condition. If you are interested in treading the Porsche so look at its entire production from the beginningMore >

Replica Ford Thunderbird across generations

Authors replicas usually build a newer car from old. This, Hala eta guztiz ere, decided to reverse the process and outcome of his work isinconsistent. More >

Replica of KITT from Knight Rider series

Few car becomes a star thanks to TV series. And even fewer cars excels in high intelligence coupled with the ability to solve sebesložitější situation. However, if you’re looking for something like this, you may find a good alternative for this. More >

Replica Ferrari 380 to the Pontiac Firebird

Replicas based on the Pontiac is a lot. It would therefore seem that the Pontiac Customizer you really like. So the question is: Are they keeping and adjustments? More >

Replica Lamborghini Gallardo on Camara

When they sometimes things go wrong, it is good to get rid of it. It holds a lot of vendors, including one that sells this car. And we must recognize that there is convincing More >

Dodge Viper with a base Corvette – compact supercar

90th Icon years Dodge Viper is a car for which every turn. His sound, look, it all made ​​him a symbol of supersport ride. And so it is appropriate to look to the world and a replica, because otherwise you can wait in vain desired effect.
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Camaro of VW Beetle

If you decide to build a replica, you need a particular skill enough and the right vehicle on which the copy state. And with this car is both a bit questionable.

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