Chrysler 300 as long limousine

Chrysler 300 jako našlapaná limuzína 1

Chrysler 300 is in its latest version is presented as more adults and elegant automobile. But that does not mean that it does not happen again the focus of various tuners, rappers and athletes. This adjustment of the car is asking for attention.
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RUF CTR 3 with a power of 750 hp

Neskutečný RUF CTR 3 s výkonem 750 koní 1

Company RUF in 2007 revealed a third model of CRT At that time the car is offered with the 3.8 liter six-cylinder engine, which provided a power of 700 hp with 890 Nm of twist. But now comes the proper update of this model. More >

Ferrari Mondial dying in Dubai

The pictures are captured gradually disintegrating Ferrari Mondial 8 standing in the parking lot in Dubai. According to local sources is Ferrari in the parking lot since 2007. This is the Ferrari Mondial 8 produced between 1980 eta 1982 with eight-cylinder engines with a capacity of 3 litro, which had had power 214 hp. More >

Pink Porsche Cayman

The last time are becoming more popular cars in pink, I recently had the Pagani Zonda C12 S in pink. Today we bring you the Porsche Cayman in pink, that travel in China.
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Nissan Micra car like disco

Wondering what a disco on Friday? What is the solution to cough up what car, but you can take any car and make it a mobile disco and entertainment and maybe even some of those cats have taken care of. Saying he did with a tufted Nissan Micra (ekoiztu from 1993 to 2003). More >

Funny Tuning Renault R 12

This is the tuning of the French Renault R 12 produced between 1970 and 1979th More >

Brabus Mercedes GL


Brabus upravil majestátní Mercedes GL 1

German top adapter of Mercedes-Benz came up with a new treatment for GL, which is very successful. At first glance a very well-chosen color combinations and a decent optical enhancements. More >

Mercedes-Benz SL by Prior Design

Mercedes-Benz SL od Prior Design 1

Tuner design company Prior to the parade took the Mercedes SL and did a very good job, which is visible at first glance. More >

Attempted replica Nissan 350Z

These first-generation Mazda MX-5 in which the cheaply sandwiched headlights of Nissan 350Z. More >

Ford Mustang red monster

I divide the net Ford Mustaga different creations, but this adjustment do not know if I should laugh or be afraid, or both, each case of damage of a nice Mustang.
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