If you want a Ferrari, you have basically two options. Be bold in the original amount you take, or try one replica. For example, this is based on the Toyota Celica and neighborhood may not recognize what really drive.

Replica Ferrari F430 is really quite enough. Recently there was a F430 with the design basis for the Toyota Corolla and it is not so surprising that served to modify the model and the sporty Celica. The front of the car is a Ferrari almost completely identical, and there is hardly aware that they are not original. Surprise, however, occurs only when viewed from the side. Here you can see a different building and two cars in the photos themselves can evaluate the entire car is the Ferrari unusually short. In these areas has placed the engine is original, while the left engine of the car in front as in the classic Celica.

Under the hood is located inline four-cylinder with a volume capacity 1.8ls 115 hp, maximum speed of about 200km/ha acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds. True, the original does, but if he indulge in some modifications (adding a turbocharger, etc.) can still improve its performance.

Spirit Ferrari but you leave in the interior, because there you find a nearly identical interior as Cellica at Toyota, including the logo on the steering wheel. There would therefore still could work on. The biggest problem with this replica remains price. Over $ 45,000 is just expensive, even for enthusiasts of these beauties from Maranello. Although, who knows ..