Today we have the Germans disguised in Britain, or Opel Calibra bodied Aston Martin made ​​in the popular vacation paradise of both nationsThailand. An interesting combination, do not you think?

Opel Calibra not just between nejupravovanější cars, but occasionally some interesting replica after all appear. This replica of today but got a faithful copy of the body of the Aston Martin DB9 and must say that to the untrained eye they are almost indistinguishable. Information about the car, sepandan, publish a Thai and an adapter so we can only guess how much the building was difficult and what drives a motor vehicle.

Opel Calibra could power a variety of engines, 2.0 ak 2.5 liter capacities from 115 to 204 hp. It was a popular sports car, and it is no wonder that he came into Thailand. Local Customizer yet incorporated in the body and interior while leaving the original. You do their work can be viewed in the gallery and evaluate the result.