Today, we offer something unique, fast and exclusive. Sports Lavazza GTX-R from Symbol Design. Hopefully, the first sight deceive. It is really as great as it looks?

The truth is that when you decide to invest in a similar car, you not only interested in technical details, but also how your new stallion looks. In Symbol’s design very well know and therefore GTX-R looks a bit like the Ferrari Enzo and Pagani Zonda. In addition, like the Enzo is named after a famous person car – in this case the designer Enrico Lavazza. The car is paid to special care already in production and is therefore not surprising that its owner can repay.

Under the hood you V12 from BMW either a volume of 5.4 liter capacity 489 hp or 5.6-liter twin turbo power of 620 hp. From 0 to 100 km / h can do it for 4.3 seconds. The body is designed with the best momentum is made of carbon fiber and gives a lower drag coefficient than the Zonda (reportedly 0.19 (!)) Short performance this machine definitely missing.

If you do not mind that your car does not have an image and wish you prémiovky mainly ride, the GTX-R be a good alternative. While it can be taken only in the U.S., also do not know its price, but it can be expected to be similar to the Enzo and Zonda. After all, supercar buy with emotion, not reason, therefore, view the gallery and the next thing it’s up to you …