Limousines always attract passers-by views of the promise of an exclusive passenger who wants to be seen. And if he wants to be absolutely unmistakable, he should ride in this car.

Seller’s actually not called nor car, but rather a work of art. The car is composed of various components of about 40 cars. The body is something around 86 lights and about 36 mirrors. The car was twice awarded first prize in a competition car design in Texas and regularly participates in various special tours. But definitely thinking about it, on what basis this “work” is.

I will stretch you, based on a Mercedes Benz 300TD, or rather several Mercedes 300TD welded together, which was achieved thanks to the length of 8.9 mA because the car has a 10-digit. Hand in hand with lots of spare parts on the body but also the increased weight, which climbed to a respectable three and a half tons. The engine owner makes no mention, however, it can be assumed that this is a modified original engine.

You say: “But that certainly does not run in normal operation” and surprisingly it did. So the owner of the car made ​​several long trips from Florida to Canada and the car was in his words always reliable. If your car enchanted after all, so you have to mess up a little enthusiasm. This “work” because it is on sale for a staggering $ 950 000, which the car belongs to the category rather unique, but overpriced cars. See the gallery and make your own opinion.