Gila Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa agak kereta popular untuk penalaan. Kali ini, tetapi kita mempunyai dua gila Corsa, yang bernilai melihat …
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Opel Omega dengan roda besar (video)

Pada video anda boleh melihat apa yang akan berlaku Opel Omega, yang telah dihapuskira apabila ia mengambil sekumpulan lelaki pintar dan mewujudkan menyeronokkan memperbodohkan sekitar di Omega … :-) More >

Opel Corsa dengan depan Astra G

Belanda kini untuk dijual (di sini) menarik diubahsuai Opel Corsa 1990 untuk 9750 Euro. Pengubahsuaian terbesar sepenuhnya direka semula seksyen depan, where you can see that the front was defakto sandwiched front section of the Opel Astra G. More >

Replica: Opel Calibra as the Aston Martin

Today we have the Germans disguised in Britain, or Opel Calibra bodied Aston Martin made ​​in the popular vacation paradise of both nationsThailand. An interesting combination, do not you think? More >

Opel Calibra Convertible (funny tuning)

Opel Calibra Convertible is redesigned to have once had and now we have one more time from HungaryMore >

Opel Calibra from Ukraine

Opel Calibra is everywhere popular basis for tuning, last time I had there, and Cabrio from Calibri today that although we have no convertibles, but it’s also handsome
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Opel Astra GTC by Irmscheru

Irmscher has unveiled a new tuning kit for the Opel Astra GTC. More >

Opel Calibra Convertible ready for Le Mans

It is a beautiful fun Opel Calibra tuning the roof cut off and sandwiched in which what the car body, including the front grille of the Jaguar S-type. Unfortunately, I do not know if it’s a step Carslberg brewery or just a fan. More >

Opel Kadet Army

The tuning Opel Kadet (1984-1991) is nothing special. But this piece is worth a visit.
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