Replica of KITT from Knight Rider series

Few car becomes a star thanks to TV series. And even fewer cars excels in high intelligence coupled with the ability to solve sebesložitější situation. However, if you’re looking for something like this, you may find a good alternative for this. More >

Alfa Romeo Giulietta by Novitec

Alfa Romeo Giulietta a úpravy od Novitecu 1

Novitec tuning company unveiled a complete treatment hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The Germans won with the car, which is already evident at the first sight of this car. More >

TechArt Aerodynamic Kit I for Porsche Cayenne

TechArt představuje Aerodynamic Kit I pro Porsche Cayenne

The German car brand porsh an adapter, which is none other than TechArt, introduced enhancements to the Porsche Cayenne, which he called the Aerodynamic Kit I. More >

Opel Calibra from Ukraine

Opel Calibra is everywhere popular basis for tuning, last time I had there, and Cabrio from Calibri today that although we have no convertibles, but it’s also handsome …
More >

Ferrari California by Project Kahn

Project Kahn zveřejnil úpravy pro Ferrari California 1 - nahled

Afzal Kahn and his team this time started to edit the Ferrari sports car California. The result is the creation of four sports car, which was named Kahn Monza edition. More >

Audi S6 Avant by ABT Sportsline

ABT Sportsline představuje úpravy pro Audi S6 Avant 1

German adapter of ABT Sportsline has published work for one of the top models Audi, specifically for the A6 Avant range. Potential applicants for this car will get one of the most sporting and elegant station wagon on the market. More >

Replica Ferrari 380 to the Pontiac Firebird

Replicas based on the Pontiac is a lot. It would therefore seem that the Pontiac Customizer you really like. So the question is: Are they keeping and adjustments? More >

Replica Lamborghini Gallardo on Camara

When they sometimes things go wrong, it is good to get rid of it. It holds a lot of vendors, including one that sells this car. And we must recognize that there is convincing More >

Lavaz GTX-R

Today, we offer something unique, fast and exclusive. Sports Lavazza GTX-R from Symbol Design. Hopefully, the first sight deceive. It is really as great as it looks? More >