Porsche Cayman by TechArt

Customizer TechArt looked at the new Porsche Cayman and made ​​a few changes. In itself a new serial Porsche Cayman is a very nice car, and does not need much visual changes, which decided about i TechArt and appearance did not change much, but a few things changed. Perhaps the most attracted huge 21-inch wheels and rear wing. Further modified the appearance of the color door mirrors and interior added a number of orange details. Technically, the TechArt installed a new exhaust and reduced chassis height by 35 mm (in the case of the PASM dampers only 25 mm). More >

Smart ForJeremy – winged Smart

At this year the Shanghai Motor Show unveiled a limited edition Smarty ForJeremy designed by designer Jeremy Scott, which goes on sale. The main feature is at first sight two vertical wings attaching to the back of the SMART 16 “or 17″ alloy wheels. Protective frame silver color elegant contrast to the white body and interior find seats, door panels and many other issues upholstered in white leather, to the top of the dashboard, which is upholstered with black leather … More >

BMW 650i Gran Coupe and models

Official photos shot by Uwe Düttmann BMW style “burlesque style” in, in which you see nastřídačku two beautiful models and BMW 650i Gran Coupe. Photos will be publicly presented at the Paris Photo exhibition in Los Angeles.
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Fiat 500XL: the first picture

Today leaked first picture unmasked 500XL. Fiat 500XL will be seven, version Fiat 500L. More >

Peugeot 806 funny MPV

The vast majority of cars MPV, is used because of its spaciousness ad was for a family, or transfer all possible, but this is not the case of the Peugeot 806, which just is not very practical in case you’re not nothing. But I have to admit that for originality that went into the tuner MPV gives a point.
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Funny Tuning Mix No.15

Comes another episode of the series in which we show the craziest mix adjustments from around the world …
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Funny Renault 9

Renault 9 ​​see on the road is already quite a rarity when you see it rather as the veteran rallies, but see the Renault 9 ​​in tuning so that’s a pearl, but in France they find par. So now look at two pieces of treated nines …
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Funny Lotus Seven

In the pictures, although not a purely original Lotus Seven, probably is some sort of reply which produces a number of companies, including the Czech manufacturer Kaipan. But that does not change how the owner managed to destroy the elegant design of Lotus Seven, which has already proved to the world 57 years ago.
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Mercedes CLS 63 AMG made ​​by German Special Customs

Našlapaný Mercedes CLS 63 AMG z dílny German Special Customs 1 uvodni

German tuners Special Customs embarked adjustments for Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and the result of their effort is definitely worth it … More >