Some models of Porsche are simply legendary. Each type is original and so hard to what has been achieved one of the British editors, who created a replica of the Porsche 959 based on replicas Porsche 356

Maybe you do not appear, but it’s true. In short, these replicas of interesting cars, both of whom were no doubt Porsche is a lot up for grabs. Some are elaborate almost to the smallest detail, and others .. judge for yourself. The owner took a replica of the original car with 50 counties and 60′s and the foundation began the “grafting” car from the mid 80′s. This gave rise to a strangely low Porsche 959 Speedster with the dashboard, mirrors and other details of la Porsche 356th

The owner claims that it is more fun than a ride in a Porsche 911, but under the hood is the 1.8, which would, no offense, not enough nope 911. In addition, car owners as well built and for the price of £ 12 500 (€ 14,200) this is the best replica of the Porsche 356 you can find. The interesting thing about the whole ad is that not even the owner himself does not know if selling replica Porsche 959 or 356