The combination of Italian beauty and Japanese reliability? The Indians are possible. Therefore, this created an interesting replica of the Ferrari F430 with a body and chassis of Toyota Corroly.

Ferrari F430 replicas there are many, but this, with the chassis of Toyota Corroly is quite unique. She created her company executive Modcar Trendz is based in Mumbai and chassis obviously chosen with regard to the quality and reliability that Toyota is known throughout the world. Therefore, even under the hood remains a proven four-cylinder petrol VVT-i with sixteen valves for maximum performance of 95 kilowatts (130 hp). The maximum speed should be somewhere around 200 km / h.

The body was made ​​for the needs of a replica of fiberglass, so it is generally 20% lighter than the original from Toyota. The interior has undergone treatment so that he felt sports car, which was also rebuilt the configuration of 2 +2 seating.

The price of this work is around $ 22 000 for which you get with the soul of the Italian stallion Japanese.