Velvet Porsche Panamera

Udhibiti chaguzi kwa Panamera Porsche ni tofauti kutoka kwa makampuni isitoshe tuning, lakini nini kuhusu mabadiliko ya rangi tu, au kwa usahihi uso wa mwili …
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Porsche Cayenne na Design Kabla ya

Ujerumani tuning modifier Design Kabla imeandaa mpya aerodynamic mfuko kwa ajili ya Porsche Cayenne kizazi cha pili. Pakiti kuitwa PD600 Widebody Kit aerodynamic pamoja upya mbele bumper, ambayo ni pamoja na taa za LED Grille tofauti, vinasaba fenders, nyuma bumper na diffuser, paa spoiler na nyingine chache mambo kidogo. Bei ya pakiti ni € 8,900. More >

Porsche Cayman na TechArt

Customizer TechArt inaonekana katika mpya Porsche Cayman na alifanya mabadiliko kadhaa. Yenyewe mpya Serial Porsche Cayman ni gari nzuri sana, na haina haja ya mabadiliko mengi Visual, ambayo iliamua kuhusu i TechArt na kuonekana hakuwa na mabadiliko mengi, lakini mambo kadhaa iliyopita. Labda zaidi kuwavutia kubwa 21-inch magurudumu na mrengo wa nyuma. Zaidi iliyopita muonekano wa vioo mlango rangi na mambo ya ndani aliongeza idadi ya maelezo ya machungwa. Kitaalam, TechArt imewekwa kutolea nje mpya na urefu kupunguzwa chassier na 35 mm (katika kesi ya dampers PASM tu 25 mm). More >

Pedal Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:1 (the entire process of production)

If you do not have a sufficiently large bank account for the acquisition of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS crush your head, you can buy a small model and ask him to be on the table. If you’re after but a larger model, and preferably in 1:1 scale and mobile so you have two options either to build a replica based on a different car or to build a lightweight body and chassis to make the parts from bicycles. The advantage of the latter are undoubtedly cost and future operating costs, but will limit speed and roll-out according to your physical condition. If you are interested in treading the Porsche so look at its entire production from the beginningMore >

TechArt Aerodynamic Kit I for Porsche Cayenne

TechArt představuje Aerodynamic Kit I pro Porsche Cayenne

The German car brand porsh an adapter, which is none other than TechArt, introduced enhancements to the Porsche Cayenne, which he called the Aerodynamic Kit I. More >

Official photograph Porsche 911 (2012)

There were first official photos of the Porsche 911 (991), which will be presented in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new 911 will, bila shaka, the traditional six-cylinder boxer with a capacity of 3.4 lita na nguvu 350 HP (Carrera) or 400 HP (Carrera S). Both engines will be combined with the new 7 degrees or manual dual-clutch PDK gearbox with the same number of gears. More >

Porsche and Lamborghini – link in the reply has the hallmark of exclusivity

Creator replicas herds in their work usually attempt to keep the car on the way supercar. But it is not very frequent that the owner changed his supersport car to another supercar and one such case here we have today. More >

Porsche 959 Replica

Some models of Porsche are simply legendary. Each type is original and so hard to what has been achieved one of the British editors, who created a replica of the Porsche 959 based on replicas Porsche 356 More >

Replica Porsche Carrera GT


Skilled American took on the work of American popular carthe Pontiac Fiero, and rebuilt it on the German Porsche, in this case, the model Carrera GT. More >